The Boy’s 2nd Grade Class Valentines




I found a picture on showing colorful crayons melted into heart molds. I instantly loved it! I have old crayons, I have a silicone heart mold, I have some paper! I can do this! So, The Boy and I sat on the couch and unwrapped and broke the crayons while we watched Finding Bigfoot.  It’s is great mother-son bonding time!

I cut the crayons into smaller pieces with the kitchen scissors and put a variety of colors in the molds.

I put them in the microwave for 10 minutes at 80% power. I checked them every 2 minutes.

I took them out and using a toothpick gently stirred to create a swirl designs. Let cool and attached to cardstock that says “Have A Great Valentine’s Day, For Crayon Out Loud!”.  Hand print it or I zipped them through the printer.

I’m sure his class will love it!  I have a pumpkin mold, too!  Guess what I’ll be giving for Halloween!  I bet candy molds would work too! Hummmm!

I believe I have tracked the original idea back to this blog:

Go visit her, super cute stuff!





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