Lemony Goodness Lemon Meringue Pie (and I dressed it up for Valentines Day)



Lemon Meringue Pie


Graham Cracker Crust:

Feel free to buy a prepared one from the baking aisle of the grocery store! I won’t tell.  But, here is the recipe anyway…  I used a nilla wafer crust one also and I liked the graham cracker one much better! 

1- 1/2 cups of finely ground graham crackers

1/3 cup sugar

6 Tablespoons butter



1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees

2. Mix together graham cracker crumbs, sugar and butter.

3. Bake for 7-8 minutes

4. Let cool



1 (15 oz.) can Sweetened Condenced Milk (Eagle Brand Milk)

1/2 Cup Lemon Juice

2 egg Yolks

1 teaspoon greated lemon zest


1. Reduce oven temperature to 325.

2. In medium bowl, blend sweetened condenced milk, lemon juice, lemon peel and yolks, until thickened.

3. Pour into pie shell

NOTE: Notice the recipe says egg yolks only!  Humm… this means you must separate the egg white from the egg yolks.  Here’s how I do it: have two small bowls ready.  Have one small bowl under my hands.  I crack the egg, leave the shells in my hands and juggle the yolk back and fourth between the shells.  The whites fall into the bowl below and the yolk is left in the shell.  Put the yolk in the additional bowl and discard of your eggs.  If making meringue, NEVER, NEVER get yolk into your whites, it will not work, EVER.  I had to throw away my whites yesterday, because I was trying to get a picture and juggle at the same time.  It was not pretty! 

20120212-072854.jpg  20120212-072910.jpg



4 egg whites

1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar

1/4 cup sugar

Optional food coloring (go ahead, it’s pretty fun!)


1. In a small bowl, whip egg whites and the cream of tartar, until soft peaks form.



NOTE: Above is a picture of soft peeks in meringue.  Dip your finger or spoon or knife in the meringue and pull straight up and the peak will bend easily and look mushy. 

2. Gradually add sugar and food coloring if you choose, whip until stiff peaks form.

20120212-073341.jpg  20120212-073354.jpg

These are beautiful stiff peaks, if I do say so myself!  I have never made a colorful meringue before and I absolutely love it.  I may never make a plain white meringue again! 

3. Pile onto lemon filling, spread to outside edge to seal.  Then make the top how you like it.  I like spiky tops on my pies! 


4. Bake at 325 until peaks are golden brown, about 15 minutes

5. Cool.

6. To store, cover and refrigerate.










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