The Terrific Tampon Case Sewing Pattern: But it is so much more…


The Terrific Tampon Case is my most requested pattern. Just a few days ago I was discussing with my Fashion Design class what we would be making in the sewing portion of the class. I accidentally forgot to mention the Terrific Tampon Case! Oh my, there was almost a revolt. At least six girls shouted at one time, “and a tampon case.” So, needless to say these are a big hit with the teenage girls.

This is the first sewing project I start with in most classes. I feel it is a great, easy, quick pattern that can boost students self esteem by seeing the results quickly. After students complete this project students are usually ready to go on to a more intricate patterns.

The pattern is free, you just need Adobe PDF. It is packed with pictures and diagrams. Enjoy and I’d love to see some of your Terrific Tampon Cases.

Click Here –>Terrific Tampon_ Pencil Case 2012 pattern


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